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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board members are

  • distinguished persons from the business world or academic circles
  • recognized for their scientific or managerial competence.
  • accepting to provide critical advice on the structure and work of NTW, and
  • accepting to contribute to the association's notoriety through their commitment.

The members of the Advisory Board are:

Baron Boone
Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Bakeries N.V.

Mr. Alain Bruyninckx
Director of companies

Baron de Maret
Former Rector, ULB, Brussels University

Count Jacobs de Hagen
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Group Delhaize

Baron Lechat
Professor Emeritus, UCL, Catholic University of Louvain

Mr. Paul Trn Van Tinh
Former Ambassador of the European Union

Baron Van Montagu
Professor Emeritus, Ghent University

Mr. Eric Wittouck
Chairman, ARTAL Group S.A. Luxembourg


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