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Nutrition Third World Logo

About Nutrition Third World (NTW)

NTM is current not accepting proposals and applications for funding 


A Belgian not for profit association






To contribute to sustainable development through

  • strengthening the research capacity of developing countries
  • providing long-lasting solutions for nutritional problems faced by the socially and economically deprived population



  • providing financial and scientific support to researchers and to research institutions in developing countries,
  • being instrumental in the professional development of young scientists, enabling them to work, to publish and to disseminate their results and to communicate with other researchers,
  • financing nutrition research projects aimed at translating the results of fundamental research into practical action, and
  • promoting such application by governments, NGO's, and international and bilateral aid agencies.



All research proposals are reviewed by a Scientific Committee composed of internationally recognised personalities in the field of nutrition and allied disciplines.



The association receives donations from private persons and organisations, from foundations, and from corporations. These donations are tax-deductible under Belgian law.

Nutrition Third World is a member of AERF (Association pour une Ethique dans la récolte de Fonds/Belgian Association for Ethics in Fund Raising)



All work, except for secretarial tasks, is performed on a voluntary basis: thus, except for some modest administrative expenses, all funds received are devoted to the researchers and/or the research institutions benefiting from the grant



NTW is totally independent from any university, scientific institution, governmental or commercial structure.




It is a deliberate policy, made easier thanks to the organisation's small size.

click here to download the 2017 Annual Report


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