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Past Projects

Research projects that received support from Nutrition Third World 1995-2012 (completed) [Last update February 2013]

· Evaluation of interventions aimed at improving nutrition among the rural poor – The Philippines.

· Home-management and treatment of malnourished children in Kapolowe – Democratic Republic of the Congo.

· Participatory formulation of nutrition education messages – Nepal.

· A participatory approach to the planning of nutrition interventions – The Philippines, Indonesia.

· Effectiveness of vitamin A supplementation on anemia in pregnant women – Bangladesh.

· Effectiveness of weekly administration of an iron supplement to correct iron deficiency anaemia in school children – Edgar Sejas – Bolivia. (1)

· Actors and evaluation of development project – Pierre Lefèvre – The Philippines.

· Evaluation of an iodine deficiency control programme through the use of ambulatory echography, the “Thyromobil project”, phase 1 – Théophile Ntambwe-Kibambe – Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Togo.

· Developing a planning method for the district level – Francis Byekwaso – Uganda. (2)

· A new approach to the promotion of growth and development in young children – Félicité Tchibindat, Edgar Sejas, E. Rubin de Selis – Congo, Bolivia and Peru.

· Effect of adding zinc to vitamin A in hypovitaminosis A prevention programmes – Alcides Diniz – Brazil.

· Bio-availability of iron and evaluation of complementary food for young children: The case of Kilosa district – Peter Mamiro – Tanzania. (3)

· A study of iodine deficiency in Togo – Laore Agnélé Bahun-Wilson – Togo.

· Prevention of intra-uterine growth retardation in the Houndé District – Dominique Roberfroid – Burkina Faso. (4)

· Evaluation of an iodine deficiency control programme through the use of ambulatory echography, the “Thyromobil Project”, phase II - Théophile Ntambwe-Kibambe – Ivory Coast, Ghana and Niger. (2)

· Exploitation of household budget surveys for the estimation of changes in food and nutrient consumption patterns – Armando Pérez-Cueto – Bolivia. (2)

· Bio-availability of iron and zinc – Anselimo Makokha – Kenya.

· Iron deficiency anaemia and HIV/AIDS in pregnant women – Joseph Waweru – Kenya.

· The usefulness of ferric fumarate and ferric pyrophosphate as food fortificants for infants and young children in developing countries – Shafiqul Sarker – Bangladesh. (2)

· Assessing the contribution of locally occurring and consumed vitamin A rich foods in alleviating vitamin A deficiency in the Butere-Mumias District – Ruth Oniang'o – Kenya.

· Nutrition status and feeding practices of people living with HIV/AIDS and of orphans of HIV/AIDS – Elizabeth Kuria – Kenya.

· Physical activity and food intakes of Bolivian adolescents – Armando Pérez-Cueto – Bolivia.

· Street foods, morbidity and school performance of secondary school students in Western Cameroon – Robert Ngouffo – Cameroon.

· Energy requirements, nutrient intakes, and growth of Zambian infants: potential benefits of feeding a multi-micronutrient fortified maize-bean complementary porridge – Moses Sinkala – Zambia.

· Bioavailability of vitamin A in commonly used vegetables – Innocent Gouadou – Cameroon. (5)

· Traditional weaning foods – Kana Sop – Cameroon. (5)

· The influence of perceptions and marketing practices on utilisation of traditional foods by rural households in Matungu division, Western Kenya – Beatrice Ekesa – Kenya.

· A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the nutritional status and lifestyles of Vietnamese adolescents - Le Thi Hop- Vietnam.

· Underlying causes for nutrition insecurity amongst black South African farm workers in the North West province - Annemarie Kruger - South Africa.

· Efficacy of instant noodle fortified with iron, vitamin A and iodine on micronutrient status and cognitive performance of Vietnamese school children - Cao Thi Thu Huong - Vietnam.

· Micronutrient supplementation in pregnant women - Patrick Kaboré - Burkina Faso.

· Metabolic syndrome in adolescents - Ana Bayá - Bolivia.

· School gardens and vitamin A - Mieke Faber - South Africa.

· Mycotoxins in food and child growth - Martin Kimanya Tanzania.

· Street foods and nutrition of school children - Eunice Nago – Benin.

· Enriching complementary foods with desiccated beef liver to combat micronutrient deficiencies in Mongolia children - J. Batjargal and Ts. Enkhjargal – Mongolia.

· Vitamin D in low birth-weight - Geeta Trilok Kumar – India.

· Management of child nutrition in primary health care - Laetitia Nikiema - Burkina Faso.


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(1) From 1999 on the name of one researcher, generally the principal investigator, is provided although most of the projects were implemented by teams, and eventual publications shared by various authors.

(2) This project was reported by the principal investigator at the 20th anniversary Symposium organized jointly by Nutrition Third World and the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences of Belgium, Brussels, December 2004.

(3) Project presented at the Symposium by Martin Kimanya.

(4) Project reported at the Symposium by Herman Lanou

(5) These two research projects in Cameroon were co-funded by the International Foundation for Science (IFS)


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