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Round Table : Challenges and expectations . Synthesis

- Researchers in applied nutrition face the same difficulties and challenges as other researchers in developing countries :

  • Isolation
  • Lack of adequate research infrastructure
  • Low competitiveness in getting financial support
  • Research priorities often established in the North
  • Difficulties in disseminating, popularising, and especially operationalising results

- More specifically, with reference to applied nutrition research, the Symposium emphasized the following points:

  • Poor understanding and/of lack of recognition of applied nutrition research
  • Shortage of researchers trained in applied nutrition research
  • Rapidly changing scene of nutrition in developing countries
  • Difficulties and ethical problems of studying people if there is no sustainable intervention to assist them
  • Difficulties in applying results

- Details on these issues, as well as the researchers' specific expectations can be found in the Symposium Proceedings.


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